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We hope as you spend time with us either at home, school, work or as we gather together as a church that you will discover the following values "lived out" through all we say and do.

These values are talked about in depth in two audio teaching series by Bill Parks called "LIFE at the Core" and "What's LIFE about?"If you would like to listen to any of these messages they are available in our audio archives.

A Close Relationship with God - People are never really satisfied with "religious" activities. We desire to live in an intimate relationship with God.  Our hearts, both as individuals and a church, should be wide open to whatever our Father and Creator would want to bring into our lives. We must be quick to turn back to God if we find that we are drifting spiritually if we are going to stay in a close and vital relationship with our heavenly Father.

A Loving Family - No matter what your stage of life or level of spiritual maturity, you will experience a church family who is willing to look at you with love and welcome you.  We take time to get to know, care for and encourage one another.   As a loving family we will speak the truth in love and provide opportunities to help you take steps to grow spiritually.

God's Word is Truth that we Live - God's Word, the Bible, is truth that we must give attention to in every area of our lives. We provide opportunities to hear and study God's Word and then purpose to apply its truth throughout our everyday lives.  We will be "doers" and not just "hearers" of God's instructions.

People Who Pray - Prayer is communicating with God both in hearing and being heard. Keeping in continual contact with our Father is not optional if we want to be true followers of Christ.  Prayer is a powerful and necessary part of maintaining an intimate relationship with God both individually and as a church.  As individuals and as a church family, we will pray in faith believing that our Father hears us and is bigger than anything we may be facing.

A Faith to Follow - We believe that God and His Word can be trusted. He is our loving Father and no matter what He may ask of us individually or as a church, we will not doubt that if God is asking us to follow, we know He will be there with us. Whether it seems easy or difficult we will follow Him no matter where He may lead us.  When God asks something of you... say YES!

Intentional Investment in Others - We believe God desires that everyone hear the truth about Jesus and His life-changing Gospel. As we look at our relationships, whether in our families, schools, neighborhoods or workplaces, we purpose to make investments of time and life into those around us. We follow God's leading to be a part of helping others take a step closer to finding a life-changing, saving and growing faith in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.  

Engaging Experiences - We don't just meet together out of tradition or habit. We purpose to create opportunities for whoever would participate or visit one of our "together" activities to be engaged by the message or activity. We will work to find ways to remain relevant to the culture that we are living with even if it means changing a method or employing a new tool to effectively communicate God's unchanging truth.  We will do our part to create an atmosphere for the Holy Spirit to work in hearts to bring about life change.

Strategic Service - We promote purposeful participation (try to say that three times) in what God is doing in and through His church throughout the earth. God has given each of us talents and abilities that are to be used to make a difference in the lives of others. He has a "strategy" for the effective use of our talents that will accomplish more as we work together with other believers than we could ever hope to do on our own.  We help each other to to discover, develop and live-out our roles as unique parts of the church.

Passing It On - We will not become complacent or comfortable with just having heard, believed and received the abundant life that God has offered us. We will live out the truth that we have found in God's Word and find ways to transfer it into the lives of our children and the next generation. We will share what we have learned with others.  We provide training and opportunities for the young to become active members of the church family.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.

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