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A life giving Church in downtown Mitchell, SD

What to expect as we worship together...

the welcome:  Someone will greet you at the door and be ready to help you find your way around. The theatres we are using for kids, nursery and worship are marked with large banners and the restrooms and refreshments are easy to find.  We do not point out or make our guests identify themselves so you can sit back and check things out without fear of being overwhelmed.  We offer paper or online connection cards that can be completed to learn about some next steps or just to let us know what you thought. 

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schedule:  We start at 10:10 AM and our time together is wrapped up by 11:30.  Just before our time together "officially" begins we encourage people to greet each other.  This might seem a bit awkward at first, but after you meet a few people and get to know them better, it becomes something to look forward to each week.  If you come early or stay late, we do offer free refreshments for all ages. (Sorry... the popcorn poppers are not available on Sunday mornings)

what about the kids?  We hope to make Sundays at Life Church a highlight of the week for your kids!  We have made some adjuistments during this season and parents can check their children into our Nursery, for infants through age four.  Our Life kids service, for ages 4 through 6th grade, is not currently being offered.  Instead we are providing some kid resources to use as we keep families together for worship.

For security reasons, the adult(s) who checked-in the kids will have to return to the kids areas after the adult service to pick up their kids.

These environments are carefully planned to be safe, fun, engaging and meaningful for the kids, but if you would prefer to keep the kids close, we also enjoy having children with us during the message for adults.  Our pastor and his wife have six children of their own and work to engage all ages in the messages.  Actually, some of the examples for the kids help the adults to remember the truth being taught.  Either way, your kids are always welcome here!   

Pre-Register your kids to save time at check-in!

relaxed dress:  We encourage everyone to dress comfortably for a time together with family and friends.    We don't make a big deal about anyone's outward appearance.  Everyone is welcome here.

music:  Most of our times together start with music from a live band to help us refocus and lay down many of the distractions and worries from our week.  We play a modern style of music that is refreshing to most who are young at heart.  The music may sound modern but our focus is truly ancient as we purpose to experience God's presence as we sing together and worship our amazing Heavenly Father.  When we encourage everyone to sing together, the words of the songs are displayed on video screens so anyone can participate.

messages/teaching:  We usually teach in a series of connected messages and provide some study notes that will help you to follow along or could be used later to go back and dig a bit deeper on your own.  These notes are also available online with our video and audio archives on the listen page.

On Sundays we primarily read from the New Living Translation (NLT) of the Bible because it is the same translation as the study Bible that we provide as a free gift on our resource table.  We often draw from several translations of the Bible with the intent of making the scripture that we are studying as clear as possible to anyone who may be listening.  


Watch a Sunday live online or listen to an archive on the listen page!


financial gifts:  Near the end of our times together everyone has the opportunity to give financially to support the ministry.  We believe in being intentional, generous and cheerful when giving as it is not just a transaction but another way that we worship.  Guests will not feel pressure to participate but we do welcome you to look around and watch us give cheerfully.  If you feel like you want to participate in some way, complete your connection card and give that to us before you leave.  If you would like to participate by giving you can read more about it on our support/donate page.   


In all that we do together our hope is that you will experience a refreshing time with genuine people who are seeking to learn more about life with God.  We hope you will visit one of our weekend gatherings sometime soon and discover that this is not all about us, it is truly all about Jesus!


The life tech team