life church / welcome / young adults                                            It's not about us... Learn how you can find real life only through Jesus Christ.

Are you 18 to 20 something and looking for something real?

Life with God is meant to be an adventure.  We would be honored to help you investigate and discover what that adventure looks like for you!  Whether you are looking to dig deep into Scripture and find challenging ways to serve and follow Christ or you just need someone to actually listen and care... you should find us to be genuine and life-giving.

Community worship experiences:

You are welcome to check out our "mobile" weekend worship for yourself any Sunday.  If you have children, they are definitely welcome too!  We roll in with our trailer full of equipment and set up each Sunday in public venues for easy accessiblity and a comfortable less "churchy" atmosphere  (check here for this Sunday's location).  We have found that it doesn't matter so much where we meet, because good friendships and opportunities to worship and serve together can thrive regardless of the location.  We hope that everyone who visits for the first time or becomes a regular will experience a refreshing, equipping, and empowering time with God each week.  At the end of each experience, we break into small groups.  These groups are a great place to grab some refreshments and get to know others.  It is also a safe place to ask any questions and pray with each other.  We hope you can visit sometime soon!

DWU and MTI Students are welcome here!

In fact, this ministry was started by a few graduates of Dakota Wesleyan University.  We would be honored to be a part of your educational experience and possibly provide a bit of home away from home.

College Life groups:  

We would love to help you connect with other young adults in a small group setting we call College Life!  These small groups are a great way to investigate life with God and some of life's real challenges with other young adults in the living room of some older leaders who have some great stories to tell and experience to draw from.  If you want to know more about a College LIFE group, contact us and we will make sure someone fills you in on the details. 

Serve together!

We love to see young people follow after the dreams God has put in their hearts, and when we are able, even get involved to assist.  Watch for opportunities to serve people here in Mitchell and wherever God leads in the days ahead.  Opportunities this month should be listed on our "calendar" page!