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DWU and MTI Students are welcome here!

In fact, this ministry was started by a few graduates of Dakota Wesleyan University.  We would be honored to be a part of your educational experience and possibly provide a bit of home away from home.  We also understand that many students will leave Mitchell and take their new found skills and knowledge somewhere else.  We enjoy investing in that season of preparation and purpose to send students off into their next steps well equipped to follow God to make a difference wherever He may lead.

Sunday nights at that place

From September through May we welcome DWU, MTI, and 18+ young adults to get together in our unique downtown location that we call "that place!"  There are plenty of fun and interesting things to discover and do here but the best part will be meeting people your age and making some new connections with others!  Come check it out on Sundays at 8 PM!

Young Life groups

True life change happens in the context of healthy relationships.  You are welcome to connect with one of our young Life groups.  These smaller groups are a great way to have some fun with others as you investigate life with God, ask some difficult questions and work through some of life's real challenges with other young adults and some older leaders who have some great stories to tell and experience to draw from.  Learn to take off your masks and discover who God has created you to be as you grow in faith and friendship together. If you want to know more about a young LIFE group, contact us and we will make sure someone fills you in on the details. 

Serve together!

Watching videos, reading or listening to others talk about something can be helpful, but getting involved with your own time, talents and treasure is where we really learn about life with God!  We purpose to invest time to help young people follow after the dreams God puts in their hearts, and when we are able, even get involved to help see them get started.  Watch for opportunities to work together with others as we serve people here in Mitchell and wherever God leads in the days ahead.  You might find some opportunities already listed on our "calendar" page!  

Next Steps classes

Each week we offer Next Steps classes on Sundays at 2 PM

1-Experience real Life with Jesus... not just religion.

2-Discover your God-given purpose and new Identity in Christ.

3-Connect with others and grow in faith as part of a Family.

4-Engage you time, talents and treasure to make a difference.

Sunday worship:

You are welcome to visit our Sunday @ 10 AM worship experiences by youreslf or with some friends.  If you have children, they are welcome too!  We hope that everyone who visits for the first time, or becomes a regular, will experience a refreshing, equipping, and empowering time with God each week.  If you want to see what this is like before visting, join us live online on Sundays or watch archived services on-demand whenever you have time.  These can be found on our "listen" page.